We charge low contingent fees…

…to keep costs much lower than most companies spend billing these accounts…freeing your skilled employees to work on more urgent matters.

Forward Flow Agreements: Forward Flow fees range from 6.5% to 10% depending on volume, average balance, and if we will be skip-tracing the accounts prior to sending to collection.

One Time placement: In the event of a practice merger, new software conversion, or retirement, there are often receivables that need to be managed, but allocating the resources for the money to be returned doesn’t make sense.

Customized Programs: How about a FREE option? We have several clients who create financial policies for payment plans that take into account the need to hire Resolution Resource. These offices get signed agreements prior to services being rendered. The patient is seen and signs the financial policy for an added billing fee to be added should the account be placed with Resolution Resource for processing. After insurance has paid and the patient responsibility is determined, they are billed for 60-90 days and given an opportunity to pay the balance without the added fee. If they need payment arrangements beyond that time, the account is placed with Resolution Resource for management, and the fee is then added.