Saving You Time and Money

Our corporate values to “Respect People” and “Maximize our Client’s ROI” come together to help your patients find workable solutions to pay their bills in a reasonable and timely manner.

We set up payment plans on 3-month, 6-month, or ongoing payment plans via ACH drafts or a coupon payment system. We track these plans each week to keep people on their plan, giving 60 days to keep current. Our Account Coordinators regularly call your patients to ask if they can increase their payment amounts when situations change. We also accept VISA and Mastercard, can take checks over the phone, and offer a web portal people can go to and set up payment plans.

We work to free up your staff to focus on the necessary and more urgent matters at hand while not ignoring those who still owe money.

Customized agreements

We follow your company’s A/R goals and options. Our Account Coordinators work within your company’s payment protocols and A/R goals. If a patient defaults, we refer the account back to you to make a decision whether to turn to collections, adjust to charity, or add our skip-trace option for additional assistance in getting updated addresses and phone numbers.  We provide new information you can use to bill and get paid by insurances! We’ll make sure you’re involved as much as you would like to be.