Ever have a patient pay intermittently?

Many people will take advantage of technology that restarts payment plans, sending and re-sending statements. The account never moves into “default” status.  Unlike other accounts receivables management systems (also known as EBO or Extended Business Office), Resolution has technology that ensures that payment waiting time DOES NOT RESTART when a person misses a payment, then pays again. Most software is set up to restart the payment plan and late notices after receiving a payment – the consumer goes back to Day 1, even if they have missed multiple payments in the past. Resolution cuts out those costs immediately!

Resolution Resource does what most companies cannot. We keep people on schedule regardless of their plan length or when they missed a payment. We keep people from “cheating the technology.”  The Resolution technology tracks people from their real Day 1 without resetting – we keep them on schedule no matter how long their plan is or when they last missed a payment.